So the party is going well and I’m really pleased to say that the sales are going up and so are the reviews so thank you so much to everyone who has bought a copy or who has reviewed it for me 😍 I really can’t thank you enough! 

I thought I’d give you a little insight into a few of the main characters from Chained with some character bios (I’ve never written bios for my characters before as they just exist like real people in my mind so I found it so hard to try and sum them up but hopefully this gives you an idea!)


Maya’s parents died when she was twelve years old and she’s lived alone ever since. She had to grow up fast and quickly learned how to look after herself. After their death she was relocated to a lower floor and lost most of her friends as her grief and demotion took its toll. Taylor was the only person to stick by her through it all. He’s the one person she can always rely on and the only one she’s fully comfortable being herself with. She’s tough, independent and a little clumsy at the best of times but she’s always willing to face her fears. After all, nothing could be worse than what she’s already survived and survival isn’t worth anything if you don’t live

Taylor’s life was always easier than those around him. He had to watch as his best friend’s family was torn apart and was helpless to do anything about it. He stood by Maya when she tried to push everyone away and has remained by her side ever since. He’s loyal, strong, patient and kind. He’s never understood why people look down on the Dwellers just because they are the bottom of the social heap and isn’t particularly impressed by the Uppers either. He’s just happy with his life as it is and with trying to make Maya happy too. 

Laurie’s family brought her up to believe that structure and rules are the most important thing. She likes following a chain of command and always dreamed of becoming a Warden. She defines herself by her job and takes her role as protector of the city seriously. Once Laurie completed her Warden training she actively sought ways to advance her career as quickly as possible. She never stayed in one place long enough to make close friends and didn’t realise how important they could be. She’s brave, determined and a soldier at heart. 

I hope you like them xoxo

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