Age of Vampires is a Dystopian M/F N/A Paranormal Romance set in a future where Vampires rule over the world and humans are raised in Realms to be used as blood sources. It follows the stories of Montana and Callie, twin sisters who are torn apart when Montana is taken to be a bride for a Vampire Prince and Callie joins forces with the last Slayer to save her.

Book 1 – Eternal Reign

Book 2 – Eternal Shade

Book 3 – Eternal Curse

Book 4 – Eternal Vow

Book 5 – Eternal Night

Book 6 – Eternal Storm

Book 7 – Eternal Love

Age of Vampires Complete box set

My country is ruled by the Belvedere vampires.And our lives are defined by blood.But there is one way out of the hellish blood farm we’re enslaved to…The Testing is held every month, and this time, my twin sister and I have been selected to take part. 
No one knows what happens to those who pass. But rumours circle about the powerful vampire princes who want us for their own dark purposes. 

But when my sister and I pass the test, we rebel against our fate and plan to do what no human has ever done.

Escape our Realm.

But the vampires have eyes everywhere and my sister and I are soon torn apart, sending us spiralling down two dangerous paths.

Me to the royal vampires.

And Callie to the slayers who want them destroyed.

With my twin in the hands of a fierce warrior and me trapped in a terrifying ritual run by the royal vampires, can we ever find our way back to each other and escape to the free life we always dreamed about?  

Or will our fates be decided by the deadly men we’re trapped with..?

Eternal Reign is an NA dystopian paranormal romance with lots of action, strong female leads and alpha males. It’s a slow burn with the steaminess increasing later in the series.