Hey guys! You can still join my Tainted Earth Advanced Readers Club and get your action packed dystopian romance before anyone else 😊

We are into release week and I’m so excited about the reviews that have started coming back for Afflicted already. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy yet then just come and join my Facebook group here to grab your free copy for review and find out what all the fuss is about πŸ˜€

Change carries on the wind, flows through the rivers and grows in the heart of the storm. Once it is set free, nothing can stop it from spreading like poison through the Earth and all its creatures. The planet is evolving and anything that wants to remain will have to adapt. The animals are learning to fight back while the plants grow beyond control. Kaitlyn and her friends must find a way to survive while everything around them becomes stronger and stranger. They can’t trust anything they thought they knew about the world. They can’t even trust each other. Rage and violence twists its way into the hearts of the contaminated: shaping them into something new. Something which cannot feel pity, mercy or love. Kaitlyn’s heart draws her towards the one person she knows can help them but can she find him in time? Safety lies just out of reach and they must find the strength to achieve it.

Afflicted is the first book in the Tainted Earth Saga. Follow Kaitlyn in this heart-stopping dystopian romance filled with suspense, mystery and action. If you love Dystopian fiction best sellers like The Hunger Games, Divergent or The Gender Game then this series is for you!

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