The world is poisoned.

Any thing that survives the contamination will have to adapt.

Including one cheerleader and the boy who lives next door.

Lucky for Kaitlyn Lewis, the guy she’s had a crush on her whole life happens to be a Marine. And he came back to town right on time for the apocalypse.

Animals are learning to fight back, plants are growing beyond control. And some people are turning violent, feral, crazed.

The gates to the Walled City are closing. And Kaitlyn’s one of the few people with a ticket to get in. 

With time running out and hell breaking loose across the town, will Kaitlyn make it to the city in time? And what will that mean for her friends? Or the Marine who’s sworn to get her to the city no matter what it takes?

Seventy years before Maya discovered the Cage of Lies, Kaitlyn’s world is about to change forever.

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Four of the five books in this series are out now and the last one will be released in 2019 🥰