Who the hell am i?

I am Susanne Valenti and I write all kinds of Romance with my sister and co-author Caroline Peckham and you’ve just looked at a bunch of pictures of our faces 🖤

I live in England with the Queen and the red buses and all that jazz. We’re down in the south east, kinda near London but far enough out to be able to look at fields all wistfully and shit if the mood takes me.

I’m married to a dude I met when I was 17 who seemed like a keeper so I held on tight. We have two gorgeous kiddies, a girl and a boy who are in that mental toddler stage so that keeps me busy a lot with jumping in muddy puddles and cutting and sticking and roll playing as a monster (why do I always have to be the t-rex?? But also, why do I always volunteer for the roll? 🤔)

I like to run (alright, like is a bit strong, but I do get my ass out of the house and run while pushing a running buggy with a little boy on board who likes to shout at me to go faster because Daddy is getting away – rude, right?)

My parents are the best, they are super supportive with all of this writing madness me and Caroline have embarked upon and also dive in five hundred percent when my kids demand fairy hunts in the garden, an imaginary tea party or even a millionth rendition of Old McDonald Had A Farm and it’s thanks to them that I get the time to get any writing done at all 💖

I’ve got two cats who are always up to something and a few fish in a tank who seem to be living their best lives…and I think I’m out of interesting facts there….

How did I start writing?

I started writing so long ago that I can’t even remember it, jotting down ideas or drawing picture books as a kid and then starting and not completing several stories throughout my teen years. But in 2015 Caroline and I got to talking about trying to make something real out of those pipe dreams of us becoming authors and we got our first solo project manuscripts written up and published on Amazon. Eventually, after publishing several of our own series we decided to use the power of the sister twin brain to co-write and we haven’t looked back since!

What do we do?

We write a range of Romance genres from Contemporary to Paranormal Romance, Reverse Harem (which means the female lead has several love interests but never has to choose between them) as well as straight M/F (boy meets girl, boy is a dick to girl, girl swears never to so much as look at him, boy and girl end up getting together after more angst than you can shake a stick at).

We don’t shy away from dark themes and love an alpha asshole, but our girls are always of the badass, take no shit lying down variety so it’s always a rollercoaster of a ride.

Are you into Stalking?

If you wanna come hunt me down, I’m always hanging out in our Facebook group where thousands of like minded book whores – I mean readers – have come together to talk all things fictional. We have loads of content and updates on upcoming books as well as running giveaways and having pop ins from other great authors, plus me and Caroline are always there so you can ask us anything you like and we will either give you an answer or refuse to in a way that will hopefully make you laugh rather than wanna stab us 😳

I’m also on Instagram @susannevalenti and if you’re heading over there then stalk Caroline too @carolinepeckham