Free – Cage of Lies book 5

Let the countdown commence; the end is coming!

Free is almost ready for release and I am so excited to set it… well… Free 😂  Take a sneaky look at the cover and blurb and I hope you’re all feeling as excited as I am! Xoxo 😘 

Alone and surrounded by the enemy, Maya doesn’t know which way to turn. In a prison built of corruption and blind faith, does the truth even stand a chance? All paths lead to this and finding a way through will be the toughest test yet. The might of the city stands against her and she must remain defiant in the face of it. Presented with challenges she never thought possible and changes she couldn’t have imagined, she will need to be stronger than ever before. The fight of her life is coming to an end but will she survive to see her dreams become reality?