I have a special place in my heart for Randy (Randy Random is his full name). He or she turns up in every story, be it book or film and every time they die I cry ‘Randy nooo!’ (Ideally while kneeling in the rain with a camera zooming away from above my head but that’s not always possible).

Sometimes the main character will have to fight their way through a group of Randys, killing mercilessly until they find the big baddie. Once they reach the bad guy with a name they’ll pause, have a conversation or even a crash of conscience meaning they can’t bring themselves to pull the trigger. But no one ever cares about killing Randy!

At other times Randy will be helping the main character, only to be shot down next to them. They will probably earn themselves a line to mention their passing but will never be thought of again. 
Often Randy has no official name, no actual speech and no real description beyond perhaps male or female, dark or blonde. So I name them Randy and I salute them! 


14 thoughts on “Randy – the guy who always dies πŸ˜²

  1. Oh I forgot about the Randys I could think of – top of my head I’d go for all the tributes who Katniss never directly communicated with in the training during The Hunger Games (they’re pretty much all dead in the first five mins). The Gladers who Thomas didn’t know in The Maze Runner (this gets especially amusing in The Scorch Trials) and you’ve gotta love all the James Bond henchmen! xoxo

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  2. It’s like a running joke in my house whenever we are watching/reading something and we’ll see a background character coming along and turn to each other and say ‘oh no – Randy!’ Then we’ll try and guess how long they’ve got and when it will happen and when they die we shout ‘Randy noooooo!’ (we might be a bit odd). We did it last night and I decided to do a post about it lol xoxo

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