Guy:  ‘Oh wow, you’re writing a book, how long did that take you?’

Me: ‘I’ve written five books, it’s taken me two years.’

Guy: ‘Oh my gosh, so you’re doing that full time then?’

Me: ‘No, I work full time and I write whenever I can.’

Guy: ‘When? How do you get time? I can’t imagine getting time to do that, maybe your life isn’t as busy as mine. That must be such a chore.’

Me: ‘I love to write so I don’t see it as a chore, it’s a passion. I am really busy but I do it on my lunch break or while my dinner is cooking or when my hubby falls asleep in front of the TV…’

Guy: ‘Well I have no imagination so I just can’t imagine how you could come up with any ideas.”

Me: ‘Obviously.’

Guy: ‘What’s obvious?’

Me: ‘If you have no imagination you obviously can’t imagine anything…’

Guy: ‘Huh?’

Me: ‘😐’

Guy: ‘Oh I get it now 😂.’

Me: ‘😐…’

Guy: ‘So how do you come up with ideas?’

Me: ‘I… come up with ideas…’

Guy: ‘How?

Me: ‘I just have a very active imagination, I’m always coming up with little stories and if something takes hold in my mind I just need to get it out. Once I start writing I feel as though I’m telling a story that was already there.’

Guy: ‘I don’t understand that at all. I really have no imagination 😂.’

Me: ‘😐… Do you like reading books?’

Guy: ‘No, I’ve never read a book in my life.’

Me: 😲

7 thoughts on “I’m wondering if any other writers out there have experienced this…

  1. It’s their loss though! We can lord it over them because we can travel to a different world any time we like and they’re stuck where they are forever in the confines of their own minds! Lol xoxox


  2. That’s definitely a thing for writers. In “On Writing” Stephen King goes on about the “excavation” of the story. It’s always nice hearing someone else has the same experience. That last sentence definitely hurts my soul a little bit every time I hear it lol

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