I’m wondering if any other writers out there have experienced this…



Guy:  ‘Oh wow, you’re writing a book, how long did that take you?’

Me: ‘I’ve written five books, it’s taken me two years.’

Guy: ‘Oh my gosh, so you’re doing that full time then?’

Me: ‘No, I work full time and I write whenever I can.’

Guy: ‘When? How do you get time? I can’t imagine getting time to do that, maybe your life isn’t as busy as mine. That must be such a chore.’

Me: ‘I love to write so I don’t see it as a chore, it’s a passion. I am really busy but I do it on my lunch break or while my dinner is cooking or when my hubby falls asleep in front of the TV…’

Guy: ‘Well I have no imagination so I just can’t imagine how you could come up with any ideas.”

Me: ‘Obviously.’

Guy: ‘What’s obvious?’

Me: ‘If you have no imagination you obviously can’t imagine anything…’

Guy: ‘Huh?’

Me: ‘😐’

Guy: ‘Oh I get it now 😂.’

Me: ‘😐…’

Guy: ‘So how do you come up with ideas?’

Me: ‘I… come up with ideas…’

Guy: ‘How?

Me: ‘I just have a very active imagination, I’m always coming up with little stories and if something takes hold in my mind I just need to get it out. Once I start writing I feel as though I’m telling a story that was already there.’

Guy: ‘I don’t understand that at all. I really have no imagination 😂.’

Me: ‘😐… Do you like reading books?’

Guy: ‘No, I’ve never read a book in my life.’

Me: 😲