Has anyone else heard the story about the planets aligning in the sky at the moment? I got so excited when I heard it on the news that I rushed to window to have a look but sadly all I found was clouds πŸ˜ͺ

But it has put me in the mind frame for writing an alien based book 😳 so maybe I’ll let that idea simmer in the deepest corners of my mind for a while…

Have any of you seen the planets? I’ll be looking out for them over the next few days with my fingers crossed!

I’m not generally one for omens but something about this happening makes me feel excited about what’s to come ☺️ 


13 thoughts on “The planets have aligned!

  1. Yeah I’m more of a window dodger, I just head back and forth around the house and try to spot it – the cold is not my friend! I think aliens is just such a cool idea with all the different possibilities πŸ‘½ xoxo

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  2. I think you need to put on a warm coat and get outside to see it properly.
    I have all kinds of ways of doing alien stories, but I think you’re way is good, you need to have something fantastical happening on both sides to make it exciting, sci fi is often about stories around concepts. I do actually have a concept for that kind of thing that I had lined up for one of my stories. I can share it for inspiration if you like xoxo
    (I like your hugs and kisses btw)

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  3. I will be excitedly looking out of my window every morning in hope! I think if I go down the alien route I’d want it to be full on alien attack, no body snatchers or people falling in love with aliens who look suspiciously human lol just survival of the species and fighting back with everything we’ve got. What way would you do it? xoxo

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  4. Hi, I had heard this and I also had met with clouds this morning. They will be visibly aligned unitl Feburay I believe, so you have a few days yet.
    As for writing an alien story – go for it. What kind of angle were you looking at? If you want to chat over ideas that would be great! πŸ™‚

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