This is a post that was made by a fellow author who’s book is available to download now. I think it looks really great and I thought some of you might too 😊xoxo

2015 – Dave Whaley the published author 

Ok, so yes I self published ergo I am published…. fair enouhh right? Well, maybe it is but I always dreamed of having my book in print and that hasn’t been possible with the rejection letters I had from publishers and agents alike. At this point, it is worth mentioning that this doesn’t neccessarily mean […]

5 thoughts on “A post to help a fellow author!

  1. I think sometimes being self published can be the best option anyway – at least your book baby stays completely as you wanted it and doesn’t get twisted into something different by the confines of an agent and publisher ☺️xoxo


  2. I will definitely share the release of the book. I hope you have great success and that a publisher will pick up the book. Being a self published author I completely understand.

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