I love the addition of an animal to a book especially when they further the story! This is a list of my top five animals in books and why, I’d love to know if you agree and who else you’d put on the list… 

5. Saphira- Eragon’s dragon. 

Sometimes I sit in traffic and I think ‘If I had a dragon I wouldn’t have to deal with this sh*t’ nuff said. (I’m gunna chuck Daenerys’ dragons in with this one too or it will all be me bitching about how I wanna ride a dragon)🐲

4. Bill the pony – The Lord of the Rings. 

Growing up my dad used to read me the works of J R R Tolkien and one question was never far from my lips. ‘Did Bill get home???? 🐴😭 but he did so that’s okay and I love him!

3. Ghost – Game of Thrones. 

So you’re making your way to school/work and some guy bumps into you, knocking you bag to the floor. In the real world we grumble internally, in my dreams, Ghost knocks him on his ass and scares the crap out of him while I laugh. This is Jon Snow’s reality and I want it (my own husky would be more likely to give the guy a lick). I’m counting all of the dire wolves in this but Ghost is my fave 🐺

2. Jacob – Twilight.

Okay so maybe he’s a person at times but when he’s wolfy he’s super wolfy and he can bring all of his pack mates to the occasion so they’ve all got your back. Oh and when he is a person he’s hot so no complaints there πŸ˜‹

1. Hedwig- Harry Potter. 

Was there ever any doubt? Best friend, super cute, crazy intelligent, can find anyone anywhere so you can totally find out if people are lying to you aaaaand no more waiting for the mail man? Done and done 🐦

Let me know if you agree xoxo

22 thoughts on “Animals in books πŸΊπŸ·πŸ΄πŸ»

  1. I’ll have Temeraire, Bill, Ghost, the rabbits from Watership Down (no way I could choose among them), and Shardik the bear (from the novel of the same name).

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  2. Saphira and Dire wolf, what’s not to love! Of course Jacob and Hedwig have to be on the list too.
    Does Daemon’s count (His Dark Materials)?
    Dragons and Wolves just rule and we can’t forget Toothless.

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  3. Oh, wow! Awesome post! I love Saphira (the Inheritance Cycle is one of my fave fantasy series ever!) and Ghost but as a long time potterhead, Headwig is what really got me. Of course she’s my number one, too!

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