3 quotes, 3 days, day 3!

So this quote is one that may seem kind of silly to a lot of you but it is something that me and friends genuinely say to each other when things get sucky and it helps!

On my final day I would like to nominate…

1. Selinn92 

2. Damyanti 

3. Olivia Emily 

Enjoy! I look forward to reading your quotes ☺️

3 quotes 3 days, day 2…

I read this and it transported me to a time when I would sit curled up in my dad’s arms while he read fairytale to me and it seemed like every magical story might just be true…  

And my three nominations for today are…. 

1. Booksatdawn

2. Omergawd

3. Tasha

Hope you have fun guys ☺️