This is a Complete Paranormal Romance series set in a dystopian future where Vampires rule the world and the Gods play games with the lives of all.

Book one – Eternal Reign

Book two – Eternal Shade

Book three – Eternal Curse

Book four – Eternal Vow

Book five – Eternal Night

Book six – Eternal Storm

Book seven – Eternal Love

Complete Series Box Set

The cold-hearted vampire prince rules America now. And this is the United States of goddamn hell.

There’s only one way out of the blood farm my twin sister and I are enslaved to.

The Testing.

No one knows what happens to those who pass, and I fear being chosen even more than I fear staying in this place, waiting for the day they decide to drain me.

Some say the ones who pass their test are given to the vampire royals as playthings. Their cruelty is only rivalled by their beauty, so their castle isn’t a place I ever want to be taken.

One thing is certain in this hell we grew up in – we need to escape before we’re tested.

But the royal soldiers just arrived. And I fear our time is already up.

Eternal Reign is a slow-burn paranormal romance with lots of action, strong female leads and alpha males. The steaminess increased later in the series.