Hey guys, book 3 in my Cage of Lies Saga: Broken is going to be released on January 31st and I’m offering you all the opportunity to have an ARC in exchange for a review! And if you haven’t read the first two books in the series I’m more than happy to give you a copy of those to review too! 

Cage of Lies an action packed dystopian ya series with some romance thrown in too and I’ve been overwhelmed with the reviews I have received already which you can check out on Goodreads if you’re interested 😊

So here is the blurb for Broken:

Since all of her hopes were dashed, Maya is struggling to adapt to her new life. Where dreams and wishes once kept her going now there is only the burning desire for revenge. She’s changing, hardening into the person she needs to be to hold it together but sometimes the cracks still show. She wants nothing more than to go back and become the person she used to be but sometimes she can’t even remember who that was. Nothing will be right again until she resets the balance. Blood will pay for blood and she won’t give up until the final drop has been spilled. Some say she’s taking it too far, others say it isn’t far enough. 

If this sounds like something you would like to read just drop me an email at susanne3587@hotmail.com and let me know if you’d prefer an ePub or PDF and if you need copies of the earlier books too ☺️xoxo

33 thoughts on “Offering ARCs ☺️

  1. Hi. I would love to review your dystopian trilogy. I’ll start with book 1, and I’ll do it in exchange for a blog follow on my review site theminterbookreviews.wordpress.com. It may be February before I can begin but I have looking for a good dystopian.

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  2. Susanne, I do want to read this ARC, but please let me know, would Jan 29 be too late for you to receive the ARC review? Thank you, Caroline

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