As a lover of all things fiction, it’s my dream to spend all of my time occupied with writing or reading. For years, my sister and I have been pursuing our dreams of becoming authors and along the way we have learnt many skills in editing, proofreading, critiquing etc. As such we have decided to launch our own editing company! So in the lead up to our launch we would like to offer this service to our amazing blog friends for FREE in exchange for a testimonial about our service that we can use on our website. 


So why should you trust us???

  • We’ve edited/proofread/critiqued nine completed manuscripts from first draft to polished finish.
  • We are self published authors ourselves and understand the importance of delivering a high standard finish that can sit alongside traditionally published books.
  • We are truly passionate fan-girls and will be taking on work that we feel we will be able to get behind 100% and love as much as you do. 
  • We know what it feels like to have your work criticised and will only ever give constructive feedback that we feel will genuinely help improve your manuscript.

So what exactly are we offering?

This will depend on the stage of your manuscript but we will aim to give at least one of the following:

  • Structural editing (first stage editing; looking at the story as a whole to see that the plot hangs together and that the story/character arcs are engaging throughout)
  • Copy editing (final stage editing; a close look at small consistencies such as timelines, plot and logic, word choice, possible rephrasing for clumsy sentences, repetitveness etc)
  • Proofreading (pre-publication stage; we aren’t perfect but we can spot things you may have missed; incorrect grammar, spelling mistakes, punctuation issues or even missing words)

So if this sounds like something you could use, we are offering it for FREE for a limited time


Criteria for submission:

We are interested in YA sci fi or fantasy (including: paranormal, dystopian, romance, adventure etc) Completed manuscripts: full length novels (up to 100k words) short stories and novellas. OR extracts from your work in progress (please specify which when applying)

Please send us your blurb, word count and the first 1k words for consideration to 

We will only be taking on a limited amount of manuscripts as we want to give them our full attention


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