Sometimes things just make me wanna write and tonight’s sky looks like some kind of desert wasteland…

It’s hot in London! (For once) and I’m not moving an inch until that massive thunderstorm arrives tomorrow lol

Is it nice where you are? And what do your clouds look like? 😊xoxo


16 thoughts on “Inspiration in the sky ðŸŒ…

  1. That’s an amazing sky! You’re right – it puts me in mind of a dried river bed…

    It’s dark here now, so I’m guessing that it’s a tad cloudy, cris-crossed with planes and the odd brave star. Or maybe a bit of moon. Like you, I’m slightly flummoxed with the unusually warm and sunny day we’ve just had. So I’m expecting torrents of rain tomorrow. Or snow…

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  2. It’s dark here now too. And a hot day here as usual. That’s Arizona in the fall always hot and mildly sticky. The end of monsoon season for us. No clouds tonight. But too close to the lights and smog of the city to really see the stars either. I wrote a little today. I hope I’ll write more into the early hours of the morning as it goes tonight.

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    1. I dream of weather you can rely on lol England is so unpredictable that you can’t plan a thing – it’s just as likely to be hot in March as August and more likely just to rain every day anyway ☔️ but I suppose being stuck inside means I’m more likely to be writing too! xoxo

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      1. That’s the one thing I like about this time of year. The unpredictability of a sudden storm. Sunny and melting 120 days in a row gets tiring. Lol. But it usually means I’m stuck inside too sucking up the air conditioning so theoretically it should help too. Hmm.

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  3. I was watching the Norwich/Stoke football game yesterday – 30 degrees in Norfolk – hot for my second home! Cooler here in southern Ontario – ony 26 – and sunny. We’ve had our share of thunderstorms this year though.

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